Then I Saw It

    The Kung Fu Unicorn           

One day i was walking and then   it and there the majestic beast. It was a Kung Fu Unicorn as it approached me i saw its horn i was amazed.if was running from the mystical bucket  it then tried to fight a kung fu bucket  as the unicorn hits then bucket falls over the bucket  doesn't go down without a fight . After a while it is declared the kung fu Unicorn has won . as the kung fu bucket gets up he has all kinds off dents he then proceeds to walk away into the sunset .                                                         


  1. A very original story, Jamie. Who would have thought of a King Fu Unicorn? There are some really good phrases in your story. I like ‘the mystical bucket’ and when you tell us that ‘the bucket doesn’t go down without a fight’. Also really like the idea of the bucket walking away into the sunset.


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